“The team successfully performed Mechanical pre-work as well as Tie-ins within a tight project schedule. Of particular mention was the competence they demonstrated in performing Shutdown work. With the pressure of meeting minimum Production downtime requirements, the team managed to complete their package ahead of time. This was highly appreciated as it gave enough time to complete other related work such as electrical connections as well as a smooth plant hand-over of the Production process.
As a Site Manager, Danny demonstrated competency in major areas of project planning and control. He gave good input during planning meetings as well as in implementation of material and manpower resource plans. This ensured readiness in meeting project deadlines. Another asset he brought to the project was his ability to work in diverse teams. This was shown by his direct communication with his team, with Brewing team members as well as with other contractors.”

Phil Mashapa – Brewing Projects Engineer: Alrode Region
The South African Breweries – August 1998

“The Pipework Contract: Third Filtrox Filter Project at SAB Alrode Brewery was completed Sunday the 30th of August, and I would like to express Consani Engineering’s and Filtrox Work AG’s appreciation of the quality of the workmanship, and the general performance of your construction crew led by Mr. Danny Kowlassur.

You may know that we initially experienced some difficulty in securing Danny for this project, and in retrospect, our insistence on Danny with his intimate knowledge of brewery piping systems has been amply vindicated.

The construction progressed very smoothly from day one. The construction teams were highly motivated at all times. The numerous tie-ins were meticulously planned and successfully carried out under very trying circumstances, and against an impossible schedule.

Despite all the obstacle’s this contract was executed in a business-like manner and in good spirit by your construction crew and this fact has also been widely acknowledged by the Brewery Project Team.”

Diego Sella – Business Manager
Consani Engineering – September 1998

“I have known Mr. Kowlassur for 5 years and have always found his work on process piping installations to be very good. The quality of the workmanship has always been of a high standard and the pricing of his work to be very competitive. I would recommend Decoma Services to anyone needing process piping work to be done.”

JP Cilliers – Projects Manager
Clover S.A. – March 1999

“This is to confirm that Danny Kowlassur of Decoma Services has undertaken work at Clover S.A. He has worked for myself at both our Queensburgh and our Pinetown branch, on projects which range from simple bracketing and supports through to major process plant installations.

His work has included: the complete process pipework, multiple port swing bend panels, pasteurizer installations, modifications to silos and balance tanks, equipment installations (pumps, flowmeters, instrumentation equipment), service pipework (steam, condensate) and many other areas of installation. Most of the work has been done with 304 and 316 stainless steel, with the occasional modification to copper and mild steel (including thick walled pipes).

The work has been completed by Decoma Services at standards well above the recommended dairy standard, and within very limited time schedules. I would recommend this company for any piping installation required.”

Charles Harland – Projects Engineer
Clover S.A. – July 2001

“W.Daly&Sons have had dealings with Decoma Services since their inception in 1998 and it is safe to say that Decoma Services are now a preferred contractor of W.Daly with regard to stainless steel fabrication, piping and new project work.

Over the last 4 years Decoma have completed numerous projects of varying scope at the W.Daly factory and I have never had second thoughts or regrets when awarding work to Decoma. Although I have found their prices to be extremely competitive, it has been their level of service, attention to detail and impeccable quality that has really impressed me.

The company’s owner, Danny Kowlassur has an excellent knowledge of his trade and through his vast experience in the beverage industry has been able to add value to W.Daly by means of his observations and recommendations. Furthermore, in all my dealings with Danny I have found him to be a man of unquestionable integrity who places the needs of his customers first.

It is for the above mentioned reasons that I have no hesitation in recommending Decoma Services.”

Andrew Sabatakakis – Factory Manager
Frucon Food & Beverage Company – August 2002


I wish to thank you and your team for the high level of skill displayed on the projects that we have been involved in on the Avenue East and Fountain Park sites.

Your high standards of workmanship are much appreciated I look forward to utilizing your services in the near future.”

Dean Fleischer – Project Engineer
Unilever Bestfoods Robertsons SA – February 2003

“Decoma Services successfully completed a large project for one of Nampak’s operations earlier this year. The contract involved the installation of stainless steel piping and the modification of a number of stainless steel vessels. The workmanship was of a very high standard. Not one of the welds tested during the project failed their x-ray tests. Danny Kowlassur, the owner of the business, was personally and actively involved in the project throughout. Administration and Supervision of the work was exemplary and Nampak would have no hesitation in using Decoma Services again should the need arise”

P J Hartley – Technical Director
Nampak Tissue – April 2003

“Decoma Services have executed numerous projects on the site of Clover Queensburgh, Durban.

We have just completed a project involving the building of a complete Cottage Cheese Factory.
Decoma Services was the piping contractor responsible for the supply and installation of all the product and services pipes. They also manufactured the pipe support structures and some equipment, e.g. covers, ladders, brackets. The total amount of the pipe work was about R 800 000 and the time for execution was 3 months.

In the execution of the project Danny and his team again showed total dedication to the project and performed very well.
Time pressure was intense which resulted in regular weekend work.

Clover demands the best quality of work and Decoma delivers the expected workmanship.”


J.J.G. Van Der Merwe – Mechanical and Process Engineer
Clover S.A. – July 2004

“Decoma Services have recently undertaken a substantial proportion of the constructional aspects of a cottage cheese production facility at Clover Dairy, Queensburgh.

Decoma Services undertook the entire installation of product and services pipework entailing both thin and thick wall tubing in stainless and carbon steel. In addition, they were tasked with the construction of all necessary pipework supporting systems as well as installation of cable trays and racks.

The basic layout of the plant was given via drawings and sketches, however, significant input and initiative was required and delivered by the Decoma team to arrive at the successful conclusion to the project.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr. Danny Kowlassur and his Decoma team for any future projects as they displayed the necessary initiative and professionalism to achieve the required objectives, with the minimum of fuss.”

Dale.S. Maxwell – Project Manager
Topmark Engineering cc – September 2004

“Witon Chemicals has been associated with Decoma Services for the past four years. In this time Decoma Services has successfully completed two plant upgrades, the most recent being a major upgrade in association with the relocation of our factory. This installation included six major swing panels, five pump lines, thirteen bulk tanks, thirteen spray ball lines as well as compressed air lines.

The technical design advice, detailed project costing and professional project supervision placed Decoma Services a cut above their competition. It is without hesitation that we would recommend Danny Kowlassur and his team to any prospective client’s.”

Steaphan Mac Donald – Operations Director
Witon Chemicals – February 2006

“This is to confirm that Decoma Services are the preferred Piping Contractor for Anderson Engineering. We have used them specifically in the field of hygienic pipe fitting and installation, to specific contracts which have been concluded in the past, these are as follows, Evaporator installation for Nestle Harrismith, as well as Toothpaste Plant for Aspen in East London.”

J.A. Coertse – Managing Member
Anderson Engineering – July 2006

“Three separate multi-disciplinary upgrades and relocation projects undertaken in Seriatum, viz. XXX Mints, Mint Imperials, Toffee and Candy production facilities, commenced in September 2006 and concluded successfully within project timelines on 31 August 2007.

In accordance with the attached Form of Subcontract Completion/Final Certificate, Decoma Services provided a high quality workmanship to the standards required and Big Red Rigging can recommend their professional services to prospective clients.”

Chris W.P. Rose – Managing Member
Big Red Rigging – August 2008

“Decoma Services were engaged on the relocation of our Foodsolutions Plant from Phoenix to PMB. They were appointed after the adjudication of 5 different tenderers, all Durban based.

The initial scope was to install all services mains, plus sum process and CIP piping pre-shutdown during the period 5th Jan to the 9th February 2009.

In addition to this, and at the same time as the plant relocation, they installed all new process and piping systems which amounted to approximately 2 km of stainless steel piping, valves and fittings. As each section of the plant was completed they also assisted with the commissioning phases.

All time objectives were met and there were no incidents or accidents. A 100% Safety record during an extremely intense period.

All work was completed to Unilevers exacting standards for Foods Hygienic design and the final result was exceedingly pleasing due to the high standard of workmanship displayed by the Decoma artisans.

My thanks go to Decoma for their efforts, which I feel transcended the normal “client/contractor” arrangement. Without their willingness to tackle some mission impossible scenarios and to absorb the many changes in direction, on a daily basis, we would never have produced a set of successful project deliverable.”

Alan Ball – Project Engineer
Unilever – August 2009

“This was a difficult project due to unreasonable cost and time constraints. It is, however considered a very successful project. I would like to place on record my sincerest thanks to Decoma Services for their unfailing commitment to deliver under extremely trying conditions.”

Ravi Govender – Project Manager
Unilever – November 2009

“This is to confirm that Decoma Services have been contracted to do pipework for our turnkey Installation required at Sasol Wax, at the Engine Plant, Durban, in the recent past. The project was completed successfully from Decoma Services.”

J.A.Coertse – Managing Member
Anderson Engineering – March 2012

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